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Kalia & Breezy
    Anonymous asked:
    Hey im the person who asked if you were finishing this and i totally understand that you're not and yes i would love links to your other stories if its not too much bother x

    It’s no problem at all! The short stories are listed on storiesbyvanessa.tumblr.com
    Or if you have wattpad you can search hisunshiine and they’ll show up on there as well. I also have other fanfics which can be found on the tumblr I gave under one of the links if you have any questions feel free to message me!

    Anonymous asked:
    I know in a few months it will have been 2 years since you updated this but i only found it the other day and i love it! So i was wondering if there is a possibility of you finishing this story?

    Tbh I probably will not update the 2nd part of the story that continues on 10 years later :/ but there is an epilogue for the end of the 1st story. I’m sorry. I do have other stories and short stories written about Chris that others really liked, if you want to look into those just let me know and I’ll send you the links :) thank you for reading! This was my first story ever so it makes me happy to see people enjoy it.

    Anonymous asked:
    Character list for mobile?

    i don’t have one for this story! it was my first story so i never made one for this one, i like to let my readers create their own characters in case they want to make their own, or think of themselves!



    Requested by auhoraatra.

    so fucking me…

    Anonymous asked:
    Lol we dont care! We know somehow you will put your amazing creative touch on it!!

    awwwww. okay, i will do some brainstorming and try to put up a chapter this weekend… if i do finish this, the chapters will come like… once a week on the weekends, since i have class and work :/

    Anonymous asked:
    CAN YOU PLEASE UPDATE THIS? Wahhhh i miss this

    sighhh… i want to, but its like every line i try to take it, it sounds like the movie obsessed, and i dont want it to be like that :/ but i mean if you guys dont care then i will take it there lol





    Team Breezy & Friends & Family


    Halloween Horror Nights 2012


    Universal Studios Orlando- 6000 Universal Boulevard
    Orlando, Florida 32819


    Saturday Oct. 20th 2012


    Days Inn Orlando/International Drive- 5858 International Drive Corne,

    Orlando, FL, 32819 United States of America

    [Come on the 20th and stay for 1 night! Price is $59/night if you book through expedia]



    Hotel: $59/night (share a room with 4 people? 15+tax for each)

    HHN Night Event @ Universal: Purchase them at a Publix in Florida- 66.99 + TAX (if you do not buy it at a Publix, or have a Florida person buy it for you, its 89.99 + TAX)

    Parking: $15/car so if we all meet at the hotel we can save money and split that price!


    Arrival Itinerary:

    ·         Check in at hotel at 3pm

    ·         Meet in lobby of hotel at 5:35

    ·         Leave for Universal at 5:45

    ·         (if you are not staying at a hotel, we will meet outside of Bubba Gump Shrimp Restaurant in City Walk by 6:15* if you can’t make it to the hotel. BUBBA GUMP IS BIG, YOU CANNOT MISS IT. ITS ON THE LEFT ACROSS FROM THE AMC MOVIE THEATER. IF YOU NEED HELP, ASK. *if you get stuck while parking or traffic etc, text us and let us know or we will head into line.)

    ·         Gates open at 6:30 into Universal Studios

    ·         SCREAM BREEZY! Fun until the park closes at 2AM!!

    ·         Head back to hotel or home

    ·         Check out of hotel by 11AM


    Basic HHN Rules

    ·         No costumes or masks

    ·         No weapons


    ·         Alcohol for 21+ (bring an I.D.) :D



    v  We would like for you to come no matter where you are! Parents are welcome! Non-Team Breezy friends are welcome if your parents say you must have a friend! There will be 21+ aged Team Breezy members, if parents would like to talk to us, we are fine in reassuring them we will guard you with our lives!

    o   Talk to us and we will try and help!

    o   And remember: Carpool! Group Up for Rooms! Lets plan this early and get everything booked!

    o   In the words of Chris, LEGGO!

    • teambreezyfl@hotmail.com 


    • vmatthews@mail.usf.edu

    for questions

    Chapter 4: Make Up (Pt.2)

    After dinner, I stood up and stretched, and turned to Mama.

    “Thank you Mama… But I’d better get these jits home.” I said.

    “Oh, please, let me watch them tonight. I have missed them.” She said, smiling at me.

    “Mmhhmm…” I said, knowing exactly who she must’ve talked to. “I guess, it would be nice to have a night to myself.”

    “Yes, I daresay you will enjoy yourself tonight.” She smirked at me.

    “Mama!” I said, laughing at the face she made at me.

    “Baby, I may be his mother, but trust me, if he’s anything like his father.. You might as well pick the kids up in the afternoon. I’ll cook dinner for all of us.”

    I laughed as I leaned forward and kissed her cheek.

    “I love you mama.”

    I went and kissed the babies, who were so entranced by Phineas and Ferb, and then I hurried home.


    I opened up the door, and saw flowers on the table. So, Chris was feeling the hurt of the couch hmmm.. I knew he would be. Chris wasn’t one to like sleeping alone. And that small couch, with no room to roll over… oh yea, he was ready to get into our bed.

    “Chris?” I called, and followed the soft glow of light towards our bedroom. The living room and the hallway were dark, and so I followed the flickering glow.

    I turned the corner into the room, and couldn’t help but not be mad anymore.

    My husband, the goofy, lovable Chris, was lying across the bed, and had a rose in his mouth like we were about to Tango. He was spread out holding himself up on his elbow, and his leg bent at the knee.

    I laughed, and ran and jumped on the bed.

    “Hey baby.”

    Chris took the rose out, and snapped the stem, placing the rose into my hair. He got up, and kissed me, and pulled me onto him, so that I would straddle him. I adjusted my legs on either side of him, and his hands wasted no time.

    “I’m sorry baby.” He said as he kissed me fast, soft quick kisses with apologies in-between. “I’m so sorry. I love you and I should have believed you.”

    I knew that he was apologizing mostly for going out with his workers, and leaving me up to worry, and not believing me. I know that bitch didn’t admit to it, but I wasn’t going to be stupid. She wanted us to fight. She was hoping that any bull shit she came up with would hurt us. Little did she know, Chris and Kalia had been through it all! And we have some great sex when were making up.

    “It’s ok. I love you.” I whispered into his ear before I nibbled it, and he kissed my neck. I let him pull my shirt over my head, and he kissed along my collar bone and across the tops of my breasts. I tilted my head back, and let Chris mark me, enjoying the feel of his tongue and lips on my skin.

    With the kids, it was hard to get time to be intimate. We had to work with quickies, and while it wasn’t bad, and we got our daily dose of each other, there were times where I wanted to have all night, to reacquaint my body with his.

    I stood up, my legs still on either side of him while on the bed, and slowly stripped of my pants, and he lay back, enjoying the tease. Using the small remote he turned up the music a bit, and an instrumental, with a clock tick and a guitar, with sounds like water drops laced the beat, and it kinda summed up my mood. I teased him as I winded my hips, and stripped. He smirked up, enjoying the view, and then once I was naked, he grabbed my knees and pulled me down, so that I was straddling his face.

    Slowly he licked me up and down, and I tried to hold in my chills. I could feel him playing with my lips, teasing them to part me open, and dip into me. He straightened his tongue and using his hands, palmed my ass and made me ride his face. He sucked on my clit, and I let out a small moan. He did it again and again until I grew so loud, he usually would have put a pillow over my face to keep my quiet. He flipped me so that I was facing his legs, and knowing what he wanted, I got down to it.

    I took all of him into my mouth, and he nibbled slightly on my clit, telling me he liked that shit. I rolled my hips as I bobbed my head on his dick, and as I sucked harder on him, tightening my grip on his thighs as he brought me closer to my peak, he began to tremble. I let go first, creaming all on his face, and he slapped my ass as I worked harder on him. Suddenly, my mouth was full of a warm liquid, and I slowly brought my lips up his shaft, and swallowed.

    Chris switched positions, climbing on top of me, and smirked before sliding into me.

    “You gon take this dick tonight.”


    The next day, I walked into work feeling like a new man. The way Keeis and Red looked at me and nodded, they knew. Men can sense that shit. They knew that I had woken up and my wife had put it the fuck on me.

    I walked into my office, and smiled as I opened the blinds.

    “Mr. Brown, you look good today…” Joelle said, as she stood by the door of my office.

    “Yes, yes, I’m very good.”

    “Oh, well… that’s good…  There are some papers for you to sign here. I’ll place them on your desk.” She looked confused at my happiness.

    “Is there a reason why you’re looking at me like I have another head?” I asked, smirking.

    She blushed, and i could see her trying to form an answer.

    “Well, last night you looked kind of sad..”

    I laughed, and I heard Keeis yell across the sales room.

    “Joelle, c’mon girl. He got laid. Probably last night, and this morning too right before he got here. His wife is BANGING.”

    “Aye, man, that’s my wife.”

    “And I’m letting you know she’s beautiful man. You got lucky.” Keeis laughed and then went back to work.

    Joelle looked kinda weird, and she turned away to go back to her desk.

    “Oh, I didn’t think, I didn’t assume, I mean…”

    “it’s cool Joelle. We sometimes forgot we have a female around.” I laughed.

    She looked grief stricken, so I tried to change the topic.

    “Any news with you lately, I mean since you just learned something about me.” I smiled as I thought about how Kalia’s ass bounced when I hit from the back this morning. In the garage, before I got in the car.

    “Oh, well I was asked on a date but I don’t know yet if I’m gonna go.”

    “You should! I’m taking out Kalia to that new restaurant, where they cook in front of you. I think it’s called Makoto’s. We’re closing early that night, because I’m making a night of it..We do it every month.”

    She nodded, and went away, and I got down to business.


    It was a few nights later, and everything with Chris and I was going good. We had no more problems with miscommunication, because he gave me the number that led directly to his phone, by passing Joelle skank.

    I was all dressed up, in a red dress, that was form fitting, and had triangles cut out on the side under by breasts. The back was open, and it ended a few inches below my butt. I accented it with diamond earrings, and a matching necklace that Chris had gotten me. My wedding ring matched as well, and I put on my gold charm bracelet. I had a pair of gold and red Louboutins I was dying to wear out. They were Pigalle style, red with a gold base and gold spikes. I was really excited to wear them. I finished my makeup, and grabbed my red clutch.

    Chris, ever the collector of nice cars, had a collection for me to choose from. Chris had recently purchased a black Spyder, and so I grabbed the keys so I could get him from work. Chris wore a suit to work, and so he was already dressed. I had picked out which outfit I wanted him to wear and so I knew his red tie was matching mine already. I slid into the Spyder, and headed out to his job, blasting some Jeezy.

    When I pulled up, I could see one of the guys, Red, working on closing the lot down. Some of the cars were being driven into the garage. I pulled in and got out, taking care to cover myself, so no one could sneak a peek. I wasn’t wearing undies.

    I walked into the shop, and Chris was there, locking the door and putting in his code. I leaned against one of the desks, and waited for him to turn around and see me.

    “Whewwww.” He whistled.

    “Hey honey.” I walked over to him slowly, making sure he enjoyed what he was seeing.  I stopped in front of him and he grabbed my hand and spun me around so he could get the whole view.

    “Damn, you look good.” He said, smiling at me. I blushed slightly, and he stepped forward and kissed me.

    I was so lost in his lips I didn’t hear the others come back in.

    “Damn. Bossman getting it in on the showroom floor.” Red catcalled.

    “Kalia, you look fantastic tonight!” Keeis said, coming over towards us.

    “Thanks Marquis.” I said, using his real name.

    “Whoa mayne!” he laughed. “Not the government!”

    I laughed and Chris linked arms with me.

    “Well, we got reservations; I trust y’all can close up, as usual.”

    “Sure thing boss man. Aye Kalia, make sure he gets you everything you want on the menu. Don’t be cheap Nigga!”

    “Look at my baby and tell me if I’m cheap. Looking like a bag of money, I don’t think so.” Chris made a goofy ass face, and then kissed me again. As we headed out, I turned back to wave, and saw Joelle, in the break room, staring at Chris as he danced around walking to the car, a look of longing on her face.

    She caught me staring, and for a second a look of rage passed over her face, and then she turned and disappeared.

    Something about her threw me off, she was a creep, but she hadn’t done anything yet to really scare me. She wasn’t a threat to me, I knew Chris loved me, but I knew how females were. She wasn’t gonna stop unless I made her. I would’ve turned back to say something, but we had reservations, and I didn’t want to ruin our night.


    We were seated and waiting for the last 2 seats at the big table to be filled. At Makoto’s there’s a huge table with a grill on it, and they seat people all around, even if they’re not a part of your party. Chris and I were in the middle, facing the grill, when we heard the waitress.

    “Here, party of two.”

    I looked up, and lo and behold, Joelle was there, with some guy. He looked like Chris, but an ugly version. He was tall, light skinned, but scrawny, and he was so light, he looked like he was sickly. He had no meat on his bones, and his suit jacket was too big for him. He had a baby face, and looked like he could never grow facial hair if he tried.

    “Joelle, is this the guy you told me about?” Chris said, standing. Always the gentleman, he pulled out her seat for her, after her date sat down without even looking at her.

    “Yea, this is Charlie.”

    “Call me Chuck.” He offered out his hand, and then scooted closer to Joelle, who was sitting next to Chris, though there was an empty seat in between.

    I felt awkward at dinner; Chuck was all over Joelle, petting her, and trying to shove his tongue down her throat. I laughed in my head, and kept Chris engaged in conversation. But I listened to their conversation also.

    “Jo, why you acting?”

    “Shut up Chuck.”

    “Baby, baby, c’mon, you were into it last night when we met at the club.”

    “Shut up Chuck!”

    He tried to run his hand up her skirt, but she flung his hand away.

    Chris made a joke and I laughed, and then I stared at him with that look, and he leaned in and kissed me. His hands creeped up my leg, and I welcomed it. He used his left hand to squeeze my thigh  and when his right hand disappeared, I pulled back with a smirk and he looked shocked for about 2.5 seconds.

    “None?!” he asked, and I shook my head.


    “I fucking love you.” He whispered, and then he slyly stuck his index finger in his mouth, tasting me.

    Finally the food was cooked in front of us with the man doing tricks with the egg, shrimp, and onions. We ate, and drank and laughed, and I watched Joelle glaring at me from behind Chris. It was weird that she was here, but I ignored her for the most part.

    “Meet me. 5 minutes.” Chris whispered, and he got up and headed towards the bathroom.

    I took a few more bites then took a sip of my water, and went to the bathroom. I opened the men’s door slowly, and saw Chris by the far wall, holding open the handicap stall for me.

    I walked in quickly, and Chris grabbed me up and pulled me in, and locked the door behind me. He kissed me fast and furious, and I worked on his pants. Not going to lie, but I wanted his dick in me right now. He moved to my neck, and I finally got his pants unbuckled and zipped down. I grabbed his dick, and he hoisted me up and I rubbed his head against my clit, getting me wet and him harder.

    I teased him, sticking the head in and then pulling back and he bit my lip, getting rough with me. I did it again, and he grunted a sexy sound that made me let him push himself all the way inside of me.

    He pumped in and out fast, and he moved me from the wall, and onto the stall door, where I could grip the top of the door so I could thrust my pelvis to meet his and put in work too.

    Soon I was leaking on his dick, and then he pulled out and bust on the floor.

    “Fuck.” He said lowly, bending over and waiting to catch his breath.  I cleaned myself up with some tissue, and then went out to the sink. I wiped my face down, and adjusted my dress, and only the flush of red on my cheek would let you know something had happened. Chris appeared a few seconds after, and hugged me from behind.

    “I love yo ass.” He said kissing my neck.

    I hugged my arms on his, and then the bathroom door opened.

    In walked Chuck. Chris and I looked at him, and then he grabbed my hand and pulled me out laughing.

    We got into the little hall way, and then we saw Joelle.

    “Oh! Chris.. and Kalia… But..?” She looked so dumb struck. Chris just laughed and pulled me back towards our table.


    After dinner, we got home, and Kalia was in the shower. I was lying in bed, and I was thinking about tonight. Kalia was smoking, no pun intended, in her red dress, and when she let me fuck her in those heels?


    But why was Joelle there? She knew I was taking Kalia out and everything, why did she happen to set her date at the same time and place?

    It was awkward for her, because I knew she was feeling a Nigga, but she should know I’m taken. She ain’t getting in my bed, or my head.

    Kalia came out the shower, wet with only a towel, and she erased all thoughts of Joelle from my mind. I put my hands behind my head, and gave her that look.

    “Come ride daddy.”

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    Yassss Chris, Because You Got A LOT Of Apologizing To Do !

    he will dick ha downe.

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    Update pleaseee :(

    i will now

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